Sunday, January 25, 2015

TAX FREE NON PROFIT Bridge Housing 30th Anniversary Party with the Rich and Famous "Swells" at the America's Cup

BRIDGE Board Chair Rick Holliday and Actor Edward Norton — at Americas Cup 2013 Pier 27.
BRIDGE Board Chair Rick Holliday; Edward Norton; Rich Gross, Enterprise Community; Assistant HUD Secretary and FHA Commissioner Carol Galante; Jim Roberts; San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee — at Americas Cup 2013 Pier 27.

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan, Assistant Secretary and FHA Commissioner Carol Galante, BRIDGE Board Chair Emeritus Alan Stein — at Americas Cup 2013 Pier 27.

When you invest with Bridge Housing, you can dine with the RICH, FAMOUS, and POWERFUL elite.  Here is just a sampling of the "swells", you might have had  the opportunity to meet if you were one of the "in crowd"  Why that's Edward Norton, the famous film star and look over there,  it is San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and his entourage.  Why wouldn't you know it? It's HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan, Assistant Secretary and FHA Commissioner Carol Galante

Shaun Donovan is famous for his new HUD directive to categorize each zipcode in the country according to "race, income and ethnicity" so they can balance opportunity.RELATED POST HERE    I wonder if they balanced attendance at this swinging party, for you know, race, ethnicity and income?   See the whole swinging scene here.

Gosh if you were part of this crowd you can invest in affordable housing projects that are TAX-FREE for fifty five years and get big tax credits.   It is the BEST INVESTMENT EVER!  You can do SOCIAL GOOD while making BIG BUCKS and win admiration of your friends!  The suburban drones pay the taxes while you Dine With the SWELLS!!!
"Innovate, Invest, Inspire" is our Motto here at Bridge Housing!
 P.S.  I don't know how I missed this.  It is Lisa Grady, the project manager for Marinwood Village with the Swells!
Lisa Grady, Former Project Manager for Marinwood Village (r)

The people that make the magic happen!

The event was sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank, proud recipient of TARP tax payer bailouts.


  1. Brilliant reporting on this, great photos......the liberal elite in action!

  2. The party is listed on Bridge Housing's homepage and facebook.