Monday, January 26, 2015

Full Hearing on the Toxic Waste Cleanup for Marinwood Village

This is a full hearing on the Toxic Waste cleanup for Marinwood Village. Speakers include a team for Marinwood Plaza, LLC aka Hoytt Enterprises consisting of Attorney, Geologica consultants, and Wells Fargo Bank, Asset Manager; An Attorney for Silveira Ranches and Renee Silveira and Marinwood residents. Also present was the Bridge Housing project manager, Lisa Grady who did not speak but submitted comments.

The toxic plume has been known to exist since 2007 but only the minimal remediation efforts have taken place.. Marinwood Village, LLC asked the board to remove the clean up order and date of compliance so that they have more time to gather financing and permitting.  The Silveiras and the community objected citing health concerns. The Silveiras, their dairy cows, employees and the community fortunately prevailed over multiple phone calls from Supervisor Susan Adams and Assemblymen Mark Levine to stop the cleanup order to allow a "more flexible solution".

The board agreed unanimously with the Silveiras and Marinwood community members. Several RWQCB board members also commented that they are willing to consider an accelerated cleanup schedule to July 2015 due to the severity of the health implications.

According to the sworn testimony of the attorney for Marinwood Village, LLC,  Marin County Supervisor, Susan Adam  made several calls to the RWQCB to supporting the relaxed clean up schedule for Marinwood Village, LLC.  Assemblymen Marc Levine called a day prior to the hearing also to express support for the landowners and developers.

This is is a profound MORAL ISSUE.  Our elected representatives, choose to support builders, bankers and landowners over the public health. One would expect Dr. Susan L. Adams, with a PHD in Nursing to favor the public health.  She was defeated by a landslide in June  2014.

Susan Adams ran on the slogan "Cows not Condos" .  Now those same cows are threaten by a toxic plume that could poison them.  She lobbied for the Builders, Banks and Developers against the interests of the Silveiras, the Community and the Cows.   Susan Adams was defeated by a landslide in June 2014.

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