Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bizarre Chinese "Smart Growth" Ghost Cities A warning for "Plan Bay Area"?

This story illustrates the fallacies of Smart Growth planning and "Disneyland" approach to architecture. Smart Growth planners think that a city simply needs interesting architecture and a logical street plan and "poof" an instant successful city with shops, people and commerce will emerge.  

How could you go wrong with the recreation of a world class city like Paris?

The reality is respect for the people, culture and values and a measure of free market economics create our best cities, like San Francisco.  The Soviet style, top down approach to planning like "Plan Bay Area" succeed in only destroying the special the natural beauty of people and place.  You cannot create another "Paris" without the Parisians, the artists, the history, the industry, and the culture. We must never surrender Marin to exploitation by central planners and crony developers.

We will Save Marin again!

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