Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wanted: 600 Jobs in Marinwood-Lucas Valley

Marinwood-Lucas Valley may need 600+ jobs for its new "workforce housing neighbors".

"Where are all our new neighbors going to work in Marinwood-Lucas Valley?",  I asked at the Housing Element Workshop at Marin City.     
I pointed out that we have virtually no jobs in the valley, save a few convenience stores,  house cleaning and yardwork.  Workers need jobs and will need to commute in/out the Valley like everyone else.  This will add to traffic and pollution and do nothing to improve our quality of life.  
"There are major employers close by such as Autodesk,  Kaiser,  Farmers Insurance and the County Government" cheerfully replied the planner.
Perhaps she hadn't heard.  All of these companies are losing jobs.   The skilled workers like engineers, medical professionals and finance personnel tend not to live in low income housing.  The workers in low income housing tend to be in low skilled professions.
Without jobs, why would anyone want to live here?  What will they do for food?

Good question.  I don't think anyone has an answer.  We are not in boom times. The commute to the city is congested and expensive. Right now Marin Housing Authority lures low income residents away from the East Bay and San Francisco to fill the income qualified vacancies. I know of a single mother with two children who was offered $2500 in Section 8 rental assistance if she would move from her loft in San Francisco to Marin.  That's what they call "economic justice and social equity".
Marinwood-Lucas Valley is a middle class bedroom community.  Most of us either work from the home or work in professions in San Francisco, East Bay or San Mateo County.  Our hours are long but we love the tranquil valley we call home.  Despite the reputation of Marin as being an exclusive rich enclave,  most of us are hard working professionals.  We don't hire servants and can't afford the luxuries of the rich.  There is no booming industry for butlers, maids, personal chefs and housekeeping staff.
Why is the Board of Supervisors targeting Marinwood-Lucas Valley for over 83% of all extremely low to low income housing in unincorporated Marin in the 2012 Housing Element?
Maybe the reason we are being targeted for all of this "growth" for government housing because we are peaceful and are more interested in tending our garden than following local politics.  We are easygoing and won't wake up until it is too late.
Now with the addition of a potential 280 more low income housing units on Luiz Ranch , it is becoming clear they want us to become their "urban utopia" social experiment.
It won't work.   People are waking up to the political mischief. Housing growth needs jobs growth first. We will fight back. 
On the other hand, maybe Big Rock Deli has room for 600 more clerks.


Be involved.  Learn about the County plan to Urbanize Marin.  Tell Others.  Speak your mind.  Vote.




  1. I love the cause and the large amount of informational content!. I have a few questions:
    1. There needs to be a page on this website about the events that you would like people to attend. (I think you have an event on Sunday but I do not know when or where to attend.)
    2. I'm sure there are tons of people who want to get involved, there should be a contact form where people can give you their phone number and email and let you know what they can do to help.
    3. I signed this petition. Are you in charge of this petition? You should share this with your community.
    4. Is there a Facebook Fan Page for people to use for interaction, voicing their opinions and to get information? (If not, I can offer this as a service as Facebook Marketing is my business.) If you want to reach me, email me at tyler [at]

    Thanks for your work!

  2. Thanks Tyler. I am doing my best but I know we can do better. I really need help with web design and social media. I welcome help with whatever skills you can offer. There is tremendous interest. I have only posted a few notices and have thousands of hits.

    This issue affects our community in a dramatic way and the more people learn the greater their concern. I was shocked to learn of the new Luis Ranch proposal for 280 low income units yesterday. Even more may be coming along the 101 corridor. We must become involved.

    I am confident that an informed community will stand for sensible growth and preservation of our land and open space.