Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Planned Parenthood gets $250,000 County Grant sponsored by Supervisor Susan Adams

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Should the Marin County Board of Supervisors provide $250,000 in tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, a national non profit which had an "excess" of $60,000,000 last year?  The issue is not whether you support abortion, it is the appropriateness of the Supervisors underwriting a national non profit that can do well without our support.  

That $250,000 should have been used in Marin on local services or paying down our pension debt.  Susan Adams donated an additional $50,000 from her Supervisor trust fund which was meant to fund local small charities and good works.  

Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood is a big campaign supporter for Susan Adams recall defense fund and re-election campaign.

It's time to end the slush fund once and for all.  Vote June 3rd for change.

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