Saturday, April 12, 2014

Siemens Sustainable Cities-Welcome to your Corporate State Nightmare.

How ironic that Siemens AG, a german company, former Nazi collaborators are at the forefront of "sustainable cities" delivering all encompassing services to build power grid, transportation and smart design of our future megacities. The fascist ideal of marriage between corporations and government is now being realized.  No need to bother with the inconvenience and messiness of a democracy, small business and individual liberty a one size fits all  "corporate state" by Siemens, AG is all we need. It is the stuff of science fiction, a nightmarish future where the individual is lost in the grid of an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful government/corporation.

How selfish of me to want a garden, safe streets, good schools I now have in the place they call "sprawl" or suburbia.  The American dream is under real threat now.

For More information see: Siemens Sustainable Cities and The Crystal and Siemens and the Nazis

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