Thursday, December 26, 2019

The "public" meeting about the Maintenance Shed where only five members of the public were invited

Marinwood CSD Director sent out only five invitations to the public for a required public forum on the Marinwood CSD Maintenance Facility.  He describes it as an "update" in the posted agenda but it was a full presentation by Bill Hansell, Architect and Former CSD Board Member detailing the plans.

In 2017,  many people attended a presentation on the proposed maintenance shed.  The CSD was surprised that the public did not agree to their plan and hid the meeting in April 2018 in violation of Brown Act laws and the spirit of democracy.

Who does the Marinwood CSD board think they are?  Why does the CSD Manager hide such a major project from the public?  Bill Hansell, Architect was on the board when Eric Dreikosen was hired.  Is this Quid pro Quo?

Many questions need to be answered.  The Marinwood CSD has not even established a budget for this project but expects it to exceed $200,000 plus architects fees. A utilitarian prefab structure can be purchased for as little as $10,000 installed.

What is going on at the Marinwood CSD?

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