Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Marinwood Maintenance Shed map site plan is filled with misrepresentations

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Who needs an Accurate Map?

The site plan map submitted by the Marinwood CSD  is hugely inaccurate.  It misrepresents the existence of an intermittent stream, top of stream band, a setback of 20’ and claims that bare dirt as an “existing improvement”. 

As of 2007 Marin General Plan, the setback requirement for parcels greater than 2 acres is 100’ or more from the top of stream bank per the Stream Conservation Ordinance. The map shows a 20’ setback. The Marin County Assesors data shows a 120’ setback for the 14.12 acre parcel known as Marinwood Park.

It is believed the map is USGS “Novato” (2002) and the stream bank changed during the 2006 floods. The top of streambank is how setbacks are determined.  It also omits an intermittent stream which has 120’ setback too.

Tell the CSD to “slow down”  and seek public approval.

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