Sunday, December 22, 2019

A White Elephant Stampede for a Maintenance Compound at the Marinwood CSD

A White Elephant Stampede for a Maintenance Compound at the Marinwood CSD

The Marinwood Maintenance Facility has a few "problems"

I get tired of fighting for the right of an honest government process.   The Marinwood Maintenance Shed project has been everything but honest.  

Fortunately, the CSD antics have caught the eye of the Community Development and they will require public review of the project.  It may be our only chance at being heard. 

We have a lot to say.

1. The project is too big.   Heck you can literally drive a truck through it!  As those of us who have examined the plans in detail realize,  it is grossly over scaled for our 14 acre park.   McInnis Park is 450 acres yet their six person staff is quite content with 1200 square feet of office and garage space.  Our three workers are outside 90% of the time and don't need exclusive indoor workshops with showers etc.

2. The project is too expensive.  In February, Eric Dreikosen announced that he was in talks with a mysterious architect  that would cost $12,000 for the ENTIRE PROJECT.  Two months later Hansell Design billed $11,931.73  by May 2018.  He hasn't billed or submitted time sheets since that date but we expect his total billing to exceed $42,000 BEFORE Plan Approval.   Despite, this the Marinwood CSD board and staff are unconcerned and WILL NOT REVEAL PROJECT COSTS.

3. The project has severe legal implications for Marinwood CSD. Why did Eric Dreikosen forget to mention the architect he hired was Bill Hansell, the former CSD director who hired him in 2016? This is clearly a violation multiple codes of government contracting rules, open meeting laws and conflict of interest.  Severe fines and even felony charges could be levied.

4. The project is too close to Miller Creek and violates the Marin County General Plan of 2007.  The project is a mere 40 feet from the top of stream bank.  Because the architect chose a drive through design, the 4400 square foot compound is much larger than it needs to be.  A conventional side access garage as built in virtually every other landscaping department in Marin requires only a third of the space.   In addition, the Marinwood "White Elephant"  will require additional outside storage of vehicles, materials, equipment and landscaping debris.

5. Marinwood CSD is violating the purpose of Measure A funds to enhance the beauty of the parks, recreation, accessibility and restoring natural areas.  They are using it for a capital project which should have been part of the long term strategic plan.  Improvements for park shade structure, safety handrails, playground equipment are being ignored over protest from the public.

6. Ironically, a sensible maintenance garage alternative was identified by Irv Schwartz, CSD Board Member and well known Engineer/Developer in 2017 in a project known as Option #3 .  It is a long side access garage that is largely outside the stream conservation area and can be built for a fraction of the cost using conventional construction or prefab units.  The public enthusiastically endorses this alternative and it could be approved immediately.
Maintenance Shed Option 3.PNG

Marinwood CSD needs to get this project back on track immediately with a full review of its government contracting process, public disclosure, accounting and environmental process.  If it willfully violates the law, then all parties responsible should be held to account.

Let's replace the maintenance garage instead.

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