Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Marinwood CSD Maintenance Compound violates the Stream Conservation Setback

The Marinwood CSD "White Elephant" Maintenance Compound violates the Stream Conservation setback as seen above in
the white overlay. Yellow lines are the boundary of the park. The White Elephant is 40' x 150' and is double the size of neighboring homes on Quietwood. It stretchs across 575 and 565 Quietwood Drive lots and is 14' tall
Image without Maintenance Shed overlay.

Option 3, conceived by Marinwood CSD Director Irv Schwartz in 2017 is almost 100% outside the stream conservation area and does not block access to the nature path.  It fits directly behind 575 Quietwood Drive in the green area.  This is clearly the "Environmentally Superior" Option.  Why has Marinwood CSD rejected this without public explanation?  

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