Friday, October 12, 2018

Why are we not using best budget practices in Marinwood?

Marinwood CSD refuses to answer simple questions from neighbors about the Maintenance Shed project .   Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD manager evades the direct questions and Leah Green, Marinwood CSD board member refuses to acknowledge.  The board is abusing the public process by holding sessions outside of the view of the public and will not divulge basic budgets.  There are serious problems with the functioning of the Marinwood CSD.

In the Guide to how Architects charge for their time

"A client can control the number of hours worked on a project by adding a "not-to-exceed this amount" in their contract with the firm. "Almost nobody gets away with charging hourly without a cap," Deamer says."

Editor's Note:  The Marinwood CSD should be requiring monthly timesheets at the very least to justify the billing invoices from Hansell design.  It appears that there is collusion to obscure the true cost of Hansell's architecture services from the public.  An independent third party needs to assess the business practices of Marinwood CSD. 

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