Monday, October 8, 2018

McInnis Park is THIRTY TWO times the size of Marinwood Park but Marinwood CSD needs a bigger maintenance facility?

McInnis Park at 370 Smith Ranch Rd , San Rafael is 450 acres or THIRTY TWO times bigger than Marinwood Park and has a staff of six.

Marinwood Park at 775 Miller Creek Rd is 14 acres and has only 3 staff. The proposed maintenance compound will occupy 1 1/2 acres of the open space that is used by msny people daily. The flat nature trail is accessible by people of all physical abilities.

Marin County's McInnis Park Maintenance facility is 1200 square feet total for six staff.  It was completed in 2017
Marinwood CSD claims it needs a maintenance facility THREE times the size of McInnis Park's building or 3200 square feet plus outside storage.  This sprawling compound will block a key recreational path and horse shoe pits. The front face is a shear 14' wall x 80' long and totally out of place in the rustic setting. Is this the legacy we leave our children?

The imposing "White Elephant" maintenance compound is THREE TIMES the size of McInnis Park facility that was built in 2017.  Stop the White Elephant HERE

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