Tuesday, October 2, 2018

This is how Marinwood CSD Director, Jeff Naylor "Respects" your Opinion

Marinwood CSD director, Jeff Naylor "respects" public opinion once the board has decided how best to spend the public's money.  The Marinwood Maintenance compound dubbed "The White Elephant" is a proposed 4400 square foot facility that they want to build on the banks of Miller Creek.  It violates Marin County's 120 foot required setback  as outlined in the 2007 Marin County General Plan.  The current plan was devised in secret meetings with the architect, Bill Hansell, himself a former CSD Board member.  The public input from 2017 was ignored and the project has doubled in size and scope. The Marinwood CSD will not divulge the budget.  This is how the "public process" works in Marinwood.


  1. Lame. U should post useful stuff.

  2. I think the arrogant attitude ofMr Naylor needs to be known to the public. Clearly he has no respect for the public. This is not how local democracy is supposed to work. I really do not understand your point.