Saturday, October 6, 2018

Is the Dixie School District Teaching Staff Too White?.

From Dick Spotswood Column in the Marin IJ on 10/07/2018 HERE

Even if the contentious issue of the name of north San Rafael’s Dixie School District is resolved, don’t expect the district’s board, parents and teachers to revert to quiet times. Elected Dixie school Trustee Marnie Glickman Curtis, a backer of the name change movement, has tweeted: “We want teacher diversity in Marin and Dixie School District where 92% of the teachers are white.”
It’s an interesting contention. Should there be racial and sexual identity quotas for a school district’s teachers and workforce? The teachers’ union might have some thoughts on that concept. If there are quotas, are they based on the racial and identity mix in the district’s population or the state or national demographic composition?
There’s always the next cause. Some folks are programmed to make promoting social and ideological causes their life’s work. Since perfection can never be obtained in this human institutions, their efforts become a virtual perpetual motion machine. Others – meaning most of us — are exhausted by the never-ending conflict and prefer concentrating on the basics, including excellence in education.

Editor's Note:  Marnie Glickman is doubling down on her "Dixie School District is Racist" rant.  Does she want racial quotas for the teaching staff? Will someone tell her that that we welcome diversity in our community and it is not nice to judge people by the color of their skin?   I support the change of the Dixie school district to a better name but I cannot abide racial demagogy.  She looks "melanin deficient" to me.  Perhaps she should step down from the school board to allow someone else to serve that meets her standards of racial diversity.  Enough is enough.  To truly honor diversity we need to get beyond labels and accept each other as individuals regardless of skin color.

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