Friday, September 7, 2018

How tall is the Maintenance Compound?

The proposed maintenance shed has 14' x 80' sheer wall.  It is 50% taller than the existing shed. 

Stop by and take a look at the floor plan.  In addition to the massive central building, parking and debris storage will be located in front of the compound where it is now located.  The entire area will dwarf pedestrians. Only a narrow foot path and the horse shoe pit will remain.

Virtually everyone who takes time to view the facility asks the same question.  "Why do they need all that space?"   It is funny that no supporters are willing to engage dialog about the site.  If it is a great idea, why can't they tell us why? 

We will keep a story pole and and outline of the site all weekend.  Tell friends and neighbors to stop by to check it out.  

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