Friday, September 7, 2018

Community Meeting on the Marinwood Maintenance Compound tonight 5 pm until dark.

Come see the Maintenance Compound  in Marinwood Park tonight.   We will have the latest details on the plan, a 3D mockup of the building, architectural drawings, an outline of the floor plan on the ground and site, a petition for you to sign and volunteer opportunity to help out.
This is a community project and the Marinwood CSD needs your approval.  The current plan doubles in size and cost of the plans that were discussed in 2017. The architect drawings do not show the parking lot and materials storage outside the facility.  We have laid out the project on the ground so that you may see for yourself.  Few people fully appreciate that the size and scope of the project as currently conceived.  You will be shocked. The CSD is ready to approve it on Tuesday  We think the public deserves the truth, first.

We have reached out to the CSD Board Members and Architect to engage the public in a similar community meeting but they have rebuffed our request.     
If you support the current design, please stop by and tell us what we are getting wrong. We welcome your opinion and corrections of fact. 

We will be there from 5 pm to sunset.

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