Tuesday, August 21, 2018

When it comes to governing, individual freedom is best

The left seems boldly intent on acquiring power so they can dictate others’ behavior. Of course, if they are successful, there is no peaceful mechanism to control their behavior.
The record of authoritarian governments is filled with examples, and if anyone thinks the modern left is more cuddly, you are misinformed. They just use smarter P.R. and are often more subtle in their approach, but the result is the same. We become subjects instead of masters in our own house.
Most of us bumble along, minding our own business, understanding and appreciating the freedom we enjoy, and from time to time, with open debate and free exchange of ideas, we solve the problems that come up — without diminishing or denying liberty for anyone else.
That is not the case with centralized authority where we have no inherent unalienable rights — all power coming from the top down, at their discretion.
Fascists, communists, elitists and religious fanatics all become thought-controlling dictatorships — ending individual liberty “for the common good” while historically their actions are only and always calculated to increase their own power.
Isn’t that the objective in shutting down free speech at colleges and universities and the overt use of intimidation and violence? Has anyone ever benefited from silencing debate other than those seeking power over others?
If the left can’t tolerate free speech now, what would it be like if they actually came to power?  READ MORE HERE

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