Thursday, August 23, 2018

What does the White Elephant Co$t?

The Marinwood CSD approved the initial design for the Maintenance Compound but is not publicly discussing the costs.  We know it will be much larger and at least twice as expensive than the competitive architect's bid of $13.8k.
Just like the architectural rendering above that doesn't show 1/3 of the compound, the CSD has not been forthright about the projected budget.

Do you think the Marinwood CSD should tell us how much money they plan to spend for their Maintenance Compound aka "White Elephant"?  We know that the current architect is far more expensive than a bid submitted by a well established architect with decades of experience with public works projects.

At the February 2018 CSD meeting, the CSD manager said that he expected the fees to be $12,000 for ALL ASPECTS OF DESIGN and construction management.  So far, the architect, Bill Hansell (also a former CSD director) has billed $11,800 through May 2018 BEFORE the site plan has been approved.  It is an open ended contract for $125/hour with NO BUDGET LIMIT.

This is crazy.

Shouldn't we know how much they want to spend?  

We need transparency and we need to see the competing design and vote for the best plan.

Isn't that what is supposed to happen in a democracy?

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