Monday, August 20, 2018

The Marinwood CSD Candidate Statement that you will never see.

Marinwood CSD needs a candidate with integrity and Abe Lincoln is not available.  

Marinwood CSD Candidate Statement for Stephen Nestel

Marinwood is the best community in Marin. We have open space, livable neighborhoods and great parks.  I want to serve on the CSD to make sure your voice is heard and to enhance our community for generations to come.

You should be aware that the CSD is planning a massive building project in Marinwood Park without public consent.  It will be twice the size of neighboring homes (40’ x 150’) and occupy a massive footprint where a smaller, more efficient garage can easily accommodate our needs.

Why shouldn’t this issue be discussed with the public?  After all, we are the ones who will be losing our park space and paying for it for decades.   Isn’t this how local democracy should work?

I am running because all of the other candidates have blindly agreed to move this project along without the normal public hearings.  I want to restore local democratic process, protect our beautiful parks and open space and restore trust in our CSD. 

I have served as a volunteer in the parks, open space, and on the Clean up Marinwood Plaza Now committee.  I am an environmentalist, parent and business owner.  I believe you can make a difference.  

Editor's  Note:  I withdrew my candidacy for Marinwood CSD after drawing papers.  It unleashed a cyber bullying campaign on NextDoor which I am not a member. Some claim that I am spreading "fear" "propaganda" and "false statements" about the Marinwood Maintenance Compound without ever saying what "lies" I had said.   It is a cheap, bullying tactic meant to discredit me without ever having to address criticism or engage in civil conversation. 

Who needs the grief? The truth will come out and I have the documentation.

I will remain committed to telling the truth and will demand the Marinwood CSD do the same. 

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