Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Marinwood CSD should solicit Advice from our Workmen

The Marinwood CSD is planning a massive Maintenance Compound project but forgot to ask working men and women what they think of the workflow.  The current proposal is long and narrow with no room to move around. The 36' x 39' parking area has two support columns in the middle and it is impossible to park seven vehicles.  A well designed workshop is a joy to work in but unfortunately too much attention is being given to the aesthetics before paying attention to workflow and dimensions of our equipment
This is the current "drive through"Maintenance Compound plan. The yellow room is the garage area. You enter through the Western gate through the courtyard and a 10' wide door where you enter a 36' x 39' garage with two support columns spaced 12' apart in the center of the room. You must maneuver your 22' Ford Truck that is 9' wide at the mirrors without hitting people, materials, other vehicles or the support columns. To exit you must back up along a curved pathway and 300' driveway onto Miller Creek Rd.   The alternative is to drive forward through the workshop, spewing fumes into the break room, outside the courtyard and continue 450' to the meadow to turn 180 degrees.   This must be done every day despite the weather or soggy ground.   THIS IS A FATAL ERROR of this design and why we must start fresh with a new plan. 

Here is a diagram of working dimensions for a garage.  Our Ford F250  is 22' and longer than the short bed truck on the left. The mirrors give the truck a 9' width and a 10' door will be necessary. The proper depth of garage allows for storage of materials and a workbench.

Examples of standard garage depth dimensions.

HERE is a good discussion of garage dimensions for full size trucks by mechanics.  Notice that all of them are worried about access, storage and workflow.  

Aesthetics are important once the proper dimensions of the garage are laid out.  There are a wide range of possible designs to consider. All of these side access garages can be lengthened to suit our space demands. Here are a few ideas:

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