Thursday, June 14, 2018

Marinwood CSD 6/12/2018. Threats, Intimidation, Massive Waste and Still No Decisions on Fire Department

More petty behavior from Leah Green interrupting the public during speaking time, threats and intimidation.  Board approves pay scale but  also allows special pay outside normal course of business.  Large payments to private contractors for the Martha Stewart kitchen makeover that costs the CSD TEN TIMES the cost of a competing bid.  Plans move forward for a massive maintenance facility in the stream conservation area in violation of environmental law and the wishes of the  citizens.  

A Board election  for November was announced for 2 positions currently held by Bill Shea and Irv Schwartz.   Both of them bring interesting experience to the board but neither has done anyone to change the tenor of the meetings dominated by the petty behavior of a few of the board.  We need an independent voice and people willing to improve the Marinwood CSD, not just blindly vote yes on questionable practices just because we have always done it that way.  

To me the maintenance shed is a perfect analogy for the Marinwood CSD.   It was initially just a garden shed but over time it grew haphazardly and now a decrepit, rotting structure remains and the site occupies a ridiculously large area with hazardous debris, chemicals, rusting tools and piles of junk.

We need to plan for success and discard the decay.  It is time for a new prosperous and beautiful Marinwood. This is our home.

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