Friday, June 15, 2018

Marinwood Csd calls the Sheriff to remove me in 2016 (and they are still trying in 2018)

Justin Kai, Marinwood CSD director attempts to eject a citizen during the April 2016 Marinwood CSD meeting . A new "Speech Policy"  was adopted and the public strongly objected.  The Marinwood CSD approved two obviously illegal policies to prohibit commentary during and after business items are discussed.  Letters to the board must be received BEFORE the agenda and staff reports are printed.    A similar policy on speaking during the meeting that states the public can only comment on items BEFORE the Board discusses them.   It is an outrageous form of censorship and violation of civil rights.

This video is the interaction between the Marin County Sheriff and me. Notice how he is subtly provoking a confrontation by physical intimidation by moving in close.  I explain the situation and step away from him several times but he moves in closer.  I explained my actions and was firmly standing my ground with my rights to attend and film the meeting.

Justin Kai, Marinwood CSD president has called the Sheriff's twice in the four meetings he has conducted.  He believes that his authority should not be challenged and has used the police to intimidate the public.

"Let this be a warning that I will have you arrested" Kai threatened me after the meeting.

5/5/2016 Update:  I also learned this morning that the Sheriffs would have removed me by force had the Board sign a "Citizen Arrest Warrant" to absolve responsibility from them. The Sheriff's also suggested pursuing a "Civil Harassment Restraining Order" which is used for physical threats.  A week later, a phony charge was levied against me  by Justin Kai that was also thrown out of court.  This is the subject of an entirely new story.

6/15/2018 The current Marinwood CSD board has issued new censorship and subjective standards of meeting conduct to give them “the right” to eject the public.  Ever since this video, they have attemped harass and intimidate the public into silence. Apparently, they feel they are entitled to make decisions without the inconvenience of debate and discourse. The board declared that will not consider a policy that will instruct the CSD manager, Eric Dreikosen to respond to the public within 48 hours. And they wonder why the meetings get racous at times.  They abuse the democratic process . We need leaders who understand their role is to engage the public and lead. They have not been elected dictator.  In the 6/12/2018 meeting Leah Green issued me a Warning and i expected they will make another illegal attempt to have me removed from the meeting. I am not too worried since i have hours of docunentation on video that exposes illegal and unetical behavior. Democracy dies in the dark and i will make certain that it does not happen in Marinwood.

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