Friday, May 11, 2018

Marinwood Park nature trail BEFORE and AFTER it was mowed down

The Marinwood CSD mower slashed away the flowers, plants, grasses and wildlife along the nature trail leaving a moonscape behind.  Some residents think this is necessary to control fires, ticks, poison oak and foxtails.   It will provide only temporary relief but it actually encourages stronger regrowth and spreads the seeds.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to control nature without stripping away all that is beautiful.  For residents wishing to minimize dangers of nature, we suggest walking on a city sidewalk.  But of course, you will need to watch for broken glass and speeding cars.

I believe that Marinwood Park and Open Space is special BECAUSE of the natural areas. They should be managed in a sensitive manner to preserve the ecology of the park.  Sadly, another brutish attack on the nature trail has spoiled it for now.

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