Saturday, May 12, 2018

An Amazing Natural Playground next to Miller Creek can be built for our Children

Instead of old equipment, piles of debris and a rusty truck in Marinwood Park maintenance area here our children can have an amazing natural playground next to Miller Creek

A natural playground with a "Miwok Village" theme can be built on the same site as the original 5000 year old Miwok Village at the current maintenance area in Marinwood Park.  All it takes is a little imagination and will power.  It will cost tens of thousands of dollars less than a conventional playground and can even be built with volunteer labor.   

Why should Marinwood settle for less?  

We live in the most beautiful family environment in the North Bay. 
Our children deserve better.

The playground may have a Miwok Indian theme on the very site of a 5000 year old Miwok village next to Miller Creek. More ideas for natural huts HERE

Children love to explore water, creating dams, racing boats and more. A water feature can be easily built.
A simple structure like this provides hours of imaginative play. 

This slide with thoughtful landscaping is safe for all ages.

A cluster of tepees invites the imagination and fanciful stories.  It is also a climbing structure.

Just a cluster of logs invite physical challenge while minimizing risk. Artfully arranged, it can serve as a sculpture for everyone to enjoy.

Organic building materials can be found in the adjoining woods at no cost. 

This preschool playground is fun for young and imaginative.

Even a fallen log can provide fun.

Kids love to climb and explore. The first step is getting our children outdoors.
More Natural Playground Ideas on Pinterest  HERE

If you want a nature playground in Marinwood Park send an email to: and

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