Sunday, April 15, 2018

Marinwood CSD full meeting April 10, 2018

Public asks Marinwood CSD for a long range vision to IMPROVE the Marinwood CSD parks and open space, fiscal restraint and care., Budget draft proposed and will be finalized at an unnecessary special meeting to minimize public attendance. The  Marinwood Fire Succession Committee hasn't been meeting and has no active negotiations on the eve of our Chief's retirement in the near future.  It appears that some firefighters want ONLY a part-time chief instead of a full merger with San Rafael Fire Department. If we make a full merger like Santa Venetia CSA19, Marinwood could save one million dollars annually over our current budget.  Marinwood CSD fire department responds to calls in San Rafael City for 66% of the calls and gets virtually no compensation. It is a raw deal for Marinwood firefighters and taxpayers alike.  We are stuck with the bill for subsidizing San Rafael and the firefighters have limited career opportunities and lower pay in Marinwood.  It is time that community step forward to ensure the future viability of Marinwood CSD.  We cannot afford our pension liabilities for an independent fire department. 

The Marinwood CSD approves parcel tax increases.  New policy offered to manage  (i.e. destroy) public records and required paid access.  With digital storage already being done, the only purpose of this policy is to obscure the public record. Several months ago a new "fraud prevention" program was instituted that all but guarantees that the public will not find out if theft of cash or embezzlement has occurred.  ONLY the Marinwood CSD Manager and Marinwood CSD Board president have authority to investigate WITHOUT THE REQUIREMENT TO REPORT TO THE PUBLIC.  This is outrageous.

The Marinwood Fire Department received an approval for a kitchen  at TEN TIMES the amount of a competing bid.  It has been delayed for over a year while Chief Roach pushed for John Pope Construction of Fairfax to do the job for $72,000.  He is a personal associate of the Chief and Irv Schwartz.  When asked WHY not accept the bid for $7999 from for virtually the same hiqh quality kitchen, Marinwood CSD manager Eric Dreikosen incorrectly asserts that a DIR contractor must do the job.  Current law allows small projects under $25,000 without the DIR contracting process, so the lower bid was perfectly legal.  This corrupt contract may be subject to legal action.  Leah Green, Marinwood CSD interrupts, bullies the public AGAIN.  Leah Green claims her "brain isn't working and she will not listen to the public" towards the end of the meeting.  It is disgraceful that the Marinwood CSD allows this to happen.

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