Friday, April 20, 2018

Letter to Senator Mike McGuire in Opposition to Senate Bill 828

Letter from Sustainable TamAlmonte to Senator Mike McGuire and the other members of the State Senate Transportation and Housing Committee in opposition to Senate Bill 828

            California State Capitol

Hi Sustainable TamAlmonte Friends,

Please read the attached letter, dated April 18, 2018, from Sustainable TamAlmonte to Senator Mike McGuire, urging him to oppose Senate Bill 828 and remove the bill from consideration.  We sent a similar letter to each member of the State Senate Transportation and Housing Committee.

Although Senate Bill 827 was defeated in committee, another just as powerful housing bill is on the horizon.  It is Senate Bill 828.  It is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee on April 24th.

SB-828 changes Housing Element law and would exponentially increase the number of homes that cities and counties have to plan for in several ways:
•    Doubling the amount of land intended to house all income levels of residents by setting aside more properties for apartments and condominiums.
•    Zoning land to account for homes not built under production goals from the prior eight years.
•    Zoning even more land for residential properties if a state audit shows there’s a shortage in that community.
•    Boosting targets higher where home prices are far outpacing wage increases.

For more details about the bill, please read the LA Times article entitled; "A little-known bill could reshape housing development across California":

Excerpts from the LA Times article:
"A Bay Area lawmaker's housing proposal (SB-828) could expand the size and scope of home building efforts in California at an unprecedented scale."

"SB 828 has garnered less interest (than SB-827) because its changes are harder to understand and predict, said Greg Morrow, director of the Fred Sands Institute of Real Estate at Pepperdine University. But Morrow said SB 828's increases to allowable zoning for housing across the state could be as dramatic as those anticipated by Wiener's other bill (SB-827)."

I will soon be sending out an ACTION ALERT email regarding SB-828.  We will need all of you to send in opposition letters and call Senators if we are to defeat this bill.

Sustainable Tam Almonte

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