Sunday, November 5, 2017

When Planners and Developers get their Way, this is what happens.

A-Town development in Anaheim, CA 
When Planners and Developers get their way, this is what we'll get in Marin, endless high density. It is way more profitable to build blocks of apartments than single family development.

According to a OC Register article. this is a toned-down project compared to what what was originally planned which included a 35 story residential tower. Instead, the tallest buildings will stand six stories tall. However, the project is still noteworthy as, the project, if approved, will have a total of 1,400 to 1,742 dwelling units, up to 50,000 sq ft of combined retail and office. This will consist of eight neighborhoods on a site that has a total of 43.1 acres. The article also states the project, if approved, will be implemented in phases with construction starting in 2015, and be fully built out in ten years. An important change Lennar made, and for the better, entails focusing more on the upcoming community's needs such as a grocery store.
This news adds to the continuing growth of the Platinum Triangle district as there are several planned projects such as LTG Platinum Center (massive mixed use project that also proposes two high rise towers), recently announced Jefferson Stadium Park (large mixed use development proposing total of 826 units and 10,000 sq ft of retail; total of 6 to 7 buildings that are proposed to be up to 5 stories tall; Source: ocptguy), Proposed 15 story office tower at Stadium Towers Office Complex.
The original plan called for 2700 units and only 680 parking spaces.
Editors Note: Where do you put your surfboards, kayaks, kids and other California lifestyle stuff?   You might as well be living in Las Vegas in the middle of the desert.  Yuck!

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