Friday, November 10, 2017

Cooped up People and Free Range Chicken?-High Density Zoning in Marinwood Priority Development Area

Feel that your freedom to live peacefully among nature in Marinwood-Lucas Valley is being threatened?

Wait until our new low income neighbors get here.  Our population will increase by 25%.

Housing density will increase dramatically,  yet we will not have any more the essential services, water and land to support this growth...  It's all about "Big Box" apartments. More people per square acre makes more money for developers.  Some environmentalists think it is greener but the opposite is true.  More people in smaller places concentrates pollution and increases social problems.
Children need a place to play. People need clean air to breath. 

Just ask any Free Range Chicken.

The Principles of Responsible Chicken Raising

Chickens must be given ample room.

Plenty of sunlight. 

Clean living area.

No debeaking or other unnecessary trauma.

Must have the ability to scratch around in the dirt, spread their wings, and otherwise express their chickenness.

Should the Children in affordable housing receive less consideration than free range chicken?

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