Sunday, November 5, 2017

Pat Eklund stands up for Novato and Small Towns in Marin County

Pat Eklund, Novato City Councilperson speaks out at the MTC  CASA technical committee on September 25, 2017 at MTC headquarters in San Francisco.  Bill Witte,of Related California, asks to force development in Marin County at a regional level, stripping local communities the ability to guide their own community development.  A newly passed California law, SB-35 gives developers unprecedented power to develop housing and ignore CEQA law.  Developers like Bill Witte  will be able to make billions of dollars by forcing development in high cost areas of the Bay Area.  Marin has few buildable lots available which would mean that single family neighborhoods would need to be demolished or greenfield development will need to happen.  This is an OUTRAGEOUS assault on our local cities and towns.  Everyone of the 101 cities and towns in the Bay Area are potential victims by the exploitation of developers and will have little recourse to stop them.

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