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Will they say "I'm Sorry" if Gangs come to Marinwood-Lucas Valley?

Editor's Note:  [This article in the July 8, 2013 Marin IJ about criminal activity is disturbing. When youths pelted an officer with rocks while stopping a suspected criminal it sparked a major response from the police.  Consequentially the community felt police shouldn't have shot at the suspect.  We will receive little money from the non-profit developers for upgrading our public safety.  More people will invariably mean that total crime will increase.  Who will pay for additional police presence? ] 

See July 10, 2013 story on Gang Shooting in San Rafael here.


In 2007-2008 the  Marin County Civil Grand Jury looked at Gangs of Marin . In 2011 The Grand Jury once again generated a report Gangs of Marin Two  after rising level of gang activity including the gang shooting in the Hamilton Safeway Parking lot.

The 2008 report identifies three areas of heavy gang activity centered near large affordable housing complexs in Novato,  Canal District and Marin City where coincidentally Bridge Housing also has it complexes.

Sheriffs have long been concerned with gang activity spilling onto the streets of Marinwood and drugs coming into our schools from local gangs.
Irish gangs in the UK.

The increase in our population by 25% from residents in low income housing (83% of all extremely low to low income units in all of Unincorporated Marin) will undoubtedly bring an increase in crime and gang activity.

Of particular concern is the high density of the low income units whose inhabitants will living in an "island of poverty" and socially isolated. Integrating low income housing with market rate housing is preferable as it doesn't isolate the poor from the rest of the community and promotes social stability.

Developers make more money when they build dense apartment buildings on small lots.  The dirty little secret is that often times "low income housing" is far more expensive than surrounding custom homes.  Bridge Housing's latest family apartment building in Emeryville cost $500,000 per unit. The developer sells LIHTC tax credits for big profits for the partners.  Marinwood Village may be worth 40 million dollars and have 55 years of tax free existance.
Gang graffiti in Hamilton affordable housing complex.

Gang activity and crime will most certainly come to Marinwood-Lucas Valley if large high density affordable housing is built like Marinwood Village.

What will our politicians and "Neighborhood Leaders"
say to the community then?  
"I'm sorry"?

*not all of the original "Neighborhood Leaders" appointed by Susan Adams currently support the plan.  In fact some of then are strong advocates for an improved planning process and resent being used by the fake "community input" process.  Ask your neighbors if they still support the housing plans.

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