Sunday, November 20, 2016

Marinwood Residents protest the Delay cleanup of Marinwood Plaza toxic waste

Video of the RWQCB meeting comments protesting the delayed and inadequate response from Marinwood Plaza, LLC that is under order to commence the clean up of the toxic waste at Marinwood Plaza (aka. Prosperity Cleaners). They have not kept to schedule of the executive order and are finding new reasons to delay. The RWQCB staff is being petitioned by the community to commence cleanup immediately. The community is unanimous. Clean up Marinwood Plaza now!

Here are the fimes various speakers:

00:23:13 Bill McNicholas
02:38:06 Ray Day
10:33:09 Robert Graham
14:46:00 Dave Trotter (Attorney for Silveira Ranches)
20:29:29 Stephen Nestel
23:38:42 Michael Van Zant, Hanson Brigett, LLP ( Attorney for St. Vincents School for Boys) 
25:55:09 Comments from the RWQCB staff and Board members

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