Friday, May 27, 2016

Petty Marinwood CSD Politics

May 10, 2016,  Marinwood CSD President Justin Kai corrects the official record to include the comment that he was called "little man" so it will show up in the official record of business.  
According to government convention, meeting minutes follows Roberts Rules.  

What to Include. As a rule, minutes should record what was done at a meeting, not what was said. (Robert's Rules, 11th ed., p. 468.) Even so, the motion should include the rationale for the board's action. Following is a list of essential information that should be found in every set of minutes:

Name of the Association.

Type of Meeting. Regular, special, emergency, executive session.\

Date/Time/Location. Date, time and location of meeting.

Attendees. Directors who were present and who was absent, along with their titles (President, Treasurer, etc.). The minutes should also list guests who were invited to speak to the board, such as the association's CPA, contractors bidding on projects, the association's attorney, etc. Members who attended the board meeting should not be listed.

Approval of Minutes. Prior meeting minutes should be read and approved. (Robert's Rules, 11th ed., p. 473-474.)

Treasurer's Report. A verbal report is sufficient.

Committee Reports. The fact that an officer and committee report, if any, was given. When a committee report is of great importance it can be entered in full in the minutes. (Robert's Rules, 11th ed., p. 471.)

Guest Speakers. "The name and subject of a guest speaker can be given, but no effort should be made to summarize his remarks. (Robert's Rules, 11th ed., p. 471.)

Motions. Motions and how directors voted.

Executive Session. General description of matters discussed in executive session.

Next Meeting. Date of the next meeting.

Adjournment. Time the meeting was adjourned.
The Marinwood CSD must takes its obligation to uphold the law and follow established convention of providing the public accurate meeting minutes.  It is not the place for the Marinwood CSD to provide political spin or omitting important detail that obscures or embellishes the truth. It is definitely not a place for settling petty grievances.    


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  4. The MCSD Board By-Laws contain NO verbiage as to how meeting minutes should be recorded or what guidelines ("Rules") should be followed. The Board "Secretary" has taken minutes training, and is very experienced in documentation. However due to influence from Board members, Commission members, and District Manager, adding in or removing minutia, and certain dialogue, muddies the big overall picture at times.

    When I asked at a Board meeting, about an untrue statement that was quoted in the Bd minutes, ex-Directors Hansell and Read said that being untrue did not matter. If it was said in a meeting, the untruth can remain in the minutes.