Monday, May 23, 2016

Meaning of Hand Gestures Around the World- Context is EVERYTHING

Recently the Marinwood CSD claimed that I was making rude hand gestures and "creating a disturbance" in the April 2016 meeting.  I was making a point about censorship and the range of speech that is considered "protected" under the law.

They called the Sheriff to remove me claiming that I was disturbing the meeting.  In fact, they were annoyed that I had objected to the new Orwellian Speech code they enacted which limits public commentary to be made BEFORE the issue before the board is discussed.  

The public objected since it is often impossible to know what will be said since the staff does not produce detailed reports but only vague summaries in the agenda.  For example, a change in the dog leash law was only described as "changes to park policy".   

The board cleverly wants to conceal what they are doing and do not want public scrutiny.  In fact most of the business is conducted in "ad hoc committees" which do not have a Brown Act reporting requirement.  

The second point that this video illustrates, is that "context" and "cultural relevance" is critical to understand meaning.  So when the Marinwood CSD secretary writes a narrative summary of what people say, she is putting her own context to the speaker's words unfairly.  This is nothing more than political spin.   This is why legal reporters and professional government agencies limit reporting to agenda items and actions taken. They do not attempt to "narrate" the meeting with their own bias.

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