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Gary Giacomini's April Fools Day Speech before the Board of Supervisors April 1, 2014

 On April 1, 2014, former Supervisor, Gary Giacomini (George Lucas's Lawyer) spoke in a nearly empty Board of Supervisor's meeting to humiliate the people of Marin who question the urbanization of East Marin.  Rarely have I heard a politician attack the citizens in this manner.   We are not a nation of "divine rulers" and we will not stand silent in the face of injustice. 

For anyone who doesn't want to actually watch the nauseating video:

"Morning supervisors, I’m Gary Giacomini and I, as you know, I sat in you seat for some 24 years, and I want to say that I have never seen such a mean-spirited electorate out there, what appears to be, and I wanted to say that it's like a combination of the flat-earth society, the know nothing party and the pitchfork gang and they’re assaulting you on all kinds of fronts.

But I I've got some good news - its not, it doesn't have traction. It feels like it does to you because when they come at you, you have a target on your back and they’re relentless and they're loud in there, that actually, they’re a classic mob and they get away with it because they have enormous tenacity and they don't care about facts at all.

But I wanted to share with you that a lot of people think you’re doing a lot of damn good things and I've been involved recently with some polls, county wide polls, that should give you solace - and that is only 12 to 13% of the people in Marin buy into this bullshit and buy into the pitchfork mentality of the enemies you have. So I want to say this, it feels like it's the world, I know what it's like, I remember, right? I never experienced the mean spiritedness of that gang, and they are a gang, that’s all they are and I tell you that there’s good times to come because they have no traction. They speak loud and they carry a big stick, but they’re really shallow, shallow people.

By the way I want to say something that, you do all kinds of great things, the county does, and I saw a lot of it today in the room, it’s too bad people don't, don't sit here that's another thing about your enemies they don't, they ask questions but they don't care what the answers are because they have a vicious agenda which is anti, anti-government, tea party-ist kind of mentality. But you do go out and do all kinds of good things and I want to tell you one that I thought, I'm gonna tell you, compliment you so much about.
""what I would have wanted to do is bring in a bunch of D6 [bulldozers],
knock down some trees and fix the road ' -Former Supervisor Giocomini

I tried for 24 years I was here to do something about the horrible condition of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard through Sam Taylor Park and you have done a miracle.  I’m driving out there and I thought I got to tell these supervisors you've done a miracle. It's a stunning… what I would have wanted to do is bring in a bunch of D6 [bulldozers], knock down some trees and fix the road, and that didn't go so well. You did it beautifully, I think you had to touch one or two trees, and they were dead anyway, and it's a glorious road, it's beautiful and you pulled it off and my congratulations and that's not easy and especially my thanks to you Supervisor Kinsey I sort of grinned that you could do that.

But I only had 24 years, but anyway I wanted to give you solace. It is not that bad and I hear in all the travels that I have, that people are mad at the people that are mad at you, and that's what I want to share with you. And the people that are mad at the people that are mad at you are much, many more.And the goodwill of Marin will return. It’s really here, it’s just it doesn't feel like it because this pitchfork gang is front page, but you will prevail. Thanks for all you do."


I sent this letter in response to the Marin IJ. I don't think they dare publish it:


Giocomini Who?

"During the April 1, 2014 Board of Supervisor's meeting, former Supervisor Gary Giacomini , addressed the Supervisors in a 4 minute monologue lambasting the public who are concerned about the urbanization of Marin, as a bullying, mob, pitchfork carrying, Tea Party group.  It is quite revealing that not a peep was heard from the nearly empty room while his bilious attack echoed throughout the chamber.  One would think that Susan Adams and Judy Arnold fresh from the campaign trail might have had the courage to stand up for the people of their district but nothing but a chuckle came from the entire board.   The people of Marin owe a debt of gratitude to those who saved Marin.  Thanks Gary, we'll take it from here."

[APRIL 2015 Postscript:  Gary Giacomini is the lawyer representing George Lucas for a new Grady Ranch Proposal.  He is on the offense, attacking the "millionaire NIMBYs". Some media outlets are naively publishing this garbage. The fact is that development will pay almost no taxes or infrastructure costs. The middle class neighbors will be forced to build new infrastructure, repair roads, lay sewer and water,  build new schools, hire more police and pay much higher taxes.  The June 2014 election that Mr. Giaocomini so confidently predicted a victory was a rout. Incumbent Supervisor Adams lost in a landslide to a newcomer.  Judy Arnold, another incumbent supervisor, narrowly won re-election by 200 votes.]

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