Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Marinwood CSD "Censorship by Procedure" May 10, 2016


May 10, 2016 Marinwood CSD Directors Jeff Naylor and Justin Kai justify their new speech policy that forces the public to speak on agenda items BEFORE they are discussed.  Since the Marinwood CSD does not produce detailed reports in the board packet the public has no way of knowing what is to be discussed. Items in the agenda are usually vague descriptions meant to obscure the topic of discussion.  For example, in January 2015, a new dog leash law was described as "changes in park policies."  

The new Marinwood CSD board members are hostile to public participation in "their" meetings and have found ways to censor the public through procedure.  We are not fooled.


  1. Amazing how you continue to twist the truth to suit your own B.S. Still haven't learned any accountability have you?

  2. The new rules are the same as for the county, the City of San Rafael and Dixie school district. What you neglect to mention is that the Directors receive the same packet of information as the public. They start at the same level so they don't know what the other directors are going to say about a topic. No advantage over the public. The public has no right to debate.

  3. Gee. I wonder who "anonymous" is that wants to teach me "accountability"?