Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fines for your off leash dog in Marinwood Park will cost you upto $615!

The Marinwood CSD wrongly reported the fines for off leash dogs in Marinwood Park in this article in the Marin IJ.  The 2016 Bail schedule shows a maximum fine of $615 found HERE  There are EIGHT ORDINANCES you could be cited for.

The Marinwood CSD ignored the pleas of the vast majority of residents who want to maintain a
separate are for off leash dogs in the Marinwood Park Panhandle.  Virtually every jurisdiction in Marin has "leash optional" area for responsible dog owners.

Eric Driekosen, Marinwood CSD Manager has confirmed there have been ZERO claims for dogs since 2016 . Marin Humane Society, Animal Control Officer, Cindy Marchado can only identify about 20 incidents in Marinwood/Lucas Valley over her 30 year career.   "It just isn't a problem area.  We don't have time to investigate leash law complaints. We are too busy investigating problem dogs, neglected animals and hoarders".

It seems that Leah Kleinman-Green, Izabela Perry and Justin Kai  "fixed" a problem that doesn't exist in Marinwood Park.

Residents have vowed to overturn the ordinance to allow the sixty year tradition of responsible off leash dog walking in Marinwood Park and it could cost you up to $615!!!

 Leah Green is terrified of off leash dogs in Marinwood Parkand doesn't think responsible dog owners are the majority in Marinwood   HERE. The fine may cost you up to $615.

We have asked the board to overturn the February 9, 2016 ordinance change.  If not, we the citizens will be forced to overturn the unpopular action with a referendum.  Send your letter to the board care of edreikosen@marinwood.org by this Friday.

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