Sunday, February 28, 2016

Marinwood Park Panhandle "Leash Optional" Referendum

The Marinwood Park Panhandle has been "leash optional" for sixty years!

Followers of this blog are aware the Marinwood CSD directors  (Justin Kai, Leah Kleinman-Green and Izabela Perry) changed  the park ordinance to ban off leash dogs in the pan handle section of Marinwood Park.  This area has been "leash optional" for at least sixty years.   We hope they will reconsider their position and affirm the rights of everyone to enjoy the park.

The directors in a stunning decision ignored the overwhelming public support to maintain the current park ordinance at a February 9, 2016 CSD meeting.   Over 30 letters were received from the public after a last minutes notice that it would be put up to a vote.   The room was packed and there were over 20 speakers who favored maintaining the ordinance and only 2 favored restricting the park.

After the meeting was made public on NextDoor,  two polls revealed 70% of the public favored keeping the "leash optional" area and overturning the ordinance.  Marinwood residents  like many communities throughout Marin want areas for off leash dogs.
The easiest solution, was a compromise like we had in the park since 2012 with some areas mandatory on leash and other area "leash optional".  Outright prohibition create unnecessary conflict.

We need to gather 350 signatures for a referendum to place on the ballot overturn the ordinance.  

We feel that this should be pretty easy given the amount of responsible dog owners in the neighborhoods.  

If you would like to know more how you can help,  email me at . 

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