Friday, March 4, 2016

Marinwood Kids learn about the Water Cycle but not about the Toxic Waste threatening Miller Creek

Marinwood science fair ‘truly a student event’

Cole Simon, 9, explains his Rubber Bones project at the Mary E. Silveira science fair in San Rafael.Alan Dep — Marin Independent Journal

By Janis Mara, Marin Independent Journal

“Water travels in a cycle, yes it does,” the gaggle of kindergartners sang. “It goes up as evaporation, forms a cloud as condensation, then goes down as precipitation, yes it does.”

Having rocked out polysyllabically with appropriate circular hand gestures, the group of 5- and 6-year-olds at Mary E. Silveira Elementary School’s science fair took a bow. Meanwhile, hundreds of adults and children milled around in the Marinwood school’s multipurpose room Wednesday, admiring a variety of exhibits illustrating the students’ experiments and their results.

The fair has been going on for about four years, according to Principal Will Anderson. It gives the fourth- and fifth-graders a chance to show off experiments they’ve conducted, “and other grades come and support them,” said Julie Phillips of San Rafael, the proud parent of Jack, 10, who did an experiment to determine what stain remover works best.

The Water Cycle Singers, selected members of Karen Madden’s kindergarten class, were Simone Low, 6, Violet Schoenwald, 5, Tatsuma Koshikawa, 6, Ayla Henry, 6, Ava Marin, 5, Charlotte Ludin, 6, and David Frack, 6, all of San Rafael.

“Having the song as an anchor made it easier for them to understand the concepts,” Madden said.

See the story in the Marin IJ HERE

Editor's Note: 
Happy that the kids at Mary Silveira are learning about the water cycle. They should also know that Miller Creek watershed is being harmed from the toxic waste at Marinwood Plaza and they can do something about it. Where are the environmentalists?

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