Monday, January 25, 2016

The Dangers of Marinwood Park.

Funny how keeping the park open for children, adults and dogs as it has been for sixty years is a "crusade".  The walk path along Miller Creek is the ONLY "leash optional" area in Marinwood Park. I keep my two small dogs on leashes but I understand the need to let your dog run.  
Here are a few more dangers in Marinwood Park you can worry about that actually occur or have potential to harm:
Deer ticks are common and carry Lyme Disease
Speeding bicycles that hit pedestrians
Homeless encampments
Illegal drug use-especially near the school
Illegal drug dealers- Meth, and assorted street drugs
Gang activity
Child predator busted at the picnic tables
Illegal drinking by underage children
Illegal drinking by legal adults (seen every week)
Trees weighing several tons have fallen across the path
that could have injured pedestrians
I am told a murder by a random stranger with a knife occurred in the past.
Angry squirrels attacking children
Angry Bucks charging people during rutting season
Foxes and Bobcats carrying disease
Pollution from septic tanks and leaking sewer lines infiltrating Miller Creek
Poison Oak
Coyote attacks
Mountain Lions (that sometimes attack humans)
stepping in a ditch
I am sure there are more dangers. The only "safe" course of action is to walk on the street, but watch out for cars.
There should be a law against all of these things. If it really could insulate us from dangers, it might be worth considering. For me? I'll take the risks and enjoy the fresh air, the nature and the sunshine with my dogs.

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