Sunday, January 24, 2016

Keep Marinwood Stupid! The Thought Police of Marinwood NextDoor

Bruce Anderson, Geoff Mack and Liz McCarthy are the "Neighborhood Hacks Leaders" on the community website NextDoor Neighborhoods.   They are protecting you from reading about the Marinwood Priority Development Area (all land East of Las Gallinas),  The Marinwood Plaza Toxic Waste Cleanup, the St Vincents , Oak View , Big Rock Deli, Rotary Field, Juvenile Hall, Grady Ranch and Rocking H Apartment Developments,  the  SolEd "no bid" solar project, the Marinwood CSD pension crisis and unfunded capital projects.  You won't read anything at all about the SMART train, big developments in neighboring San Rafael, Larkspur, San Quentin, Strawberry, or Marin City.  The new takeover of local governments by MTC, ABAG and BARC and HUD forced racial quotas for our community will not be spoken of on NextDoor, either.   

All of these changes are imminent and will have a profound effect on our schools, traffic, pollution, taxes, government services, crime and urban problems in Marinwood/Lucas Valley and Marin County.  Why should you worry?

On top of this the Merry Three Censors have determined that posting of a link to unedited video of Marinwood CSD meetings is too much truth for you to bear.  Marinwood is one of the LAST communities not to videotape meetings in Marin. All discussion of the broadcast of Marinwood CSD meetings will be banned on Nextdoor since the broadcasts are exclusively available on this subversive website .   They want to protect you for your own good. After all, isn't this what a good neighbor does? Guard you from exposure from unpleasant reality?

Fortunately Bruce Anderson, Geoff Mack and Liz McCarthy save you from such propaganda.  I understand Liz McCarthy runs Marinwood Moms to boost her real estate business.  Happy Moms shouldn't ask about anything on this website.  It does not exist.  Shut your eyes.

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