Thursday, December 3, 2015

VIDEO: Agenda 21. -John Birch Society (JBS) view on Smart Growth and One Bay Area Plan

This is a slick video on Agenda 21, presented by the John Birch Society (yeah, the same one that was active during the cold war warning people about communism). 

Although, we personally do not subscribe to the point of view illustrated in this video,  we present this to you so that you may understand what people are talking about.  The objection to  One Bay Area Plan in Marin and elsewhere spans cultural, political, ethnic and economic lines. We find allies with every group that values individual liberty over government and corporate control.  Quite literally we have allies in the Occupy Wall Street movement,  Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party Activists, Progressives and Environmentalists.  We are indeed all Americans fighting against government over reach and corporate profiteering to transform our communities. If Roosevelt could form an alliance with Stalin to defeat Nazism in World War II, surely the people of the Bay Area can join together to fight ABAG and the One Bay Area Plan.

Although, we recognize the essential facts of Agenda 21,  this writer is far too cynical to believe anyone could pull of a massive conspiracy of this magnitude.  We believe that Agenda 21 is merely Smart Growth driven by political ambition and fueled by capitalism.  In other words- money and power.

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