Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Bay Area Council vs. Pat Eklund and the voice of reason

Here is a clip from the December 2. 2015 meeting of the ABAG Regional Planning Committee where the Bay Area Council presents a power point of their new report

Roadmap for Economic Resiliance

Among the more controversial elements in this plan is the suggestion for punishing cities and towns for failing to build enough housing and the creation of a regional planning board that supercedes local jurisdiction.

Of course they also want new levels of taxation to support their new bureaucracy too.

It seems Pat Eklund is the only voice of commonsense in the room. Marin County Supervisor Katie Rice and former Supervisor Susan Adams (serving as a member of the "public") sat silently objecting to not a single word.

"The Bay Area Council, a business group representing 300 Silicon Valley business puts out a plan to create a regional government, institute taxes and punish cities who do not conform to their demands for urbanization. Novato Mayor Pro--Tem, Pat Eklund,  is the sole voice in the room that questions this massive over reach into our local communities by an unelected regional body. If this plan is enacted, it will be the end of local independence and lead to the urbanization of Marin"

P.S.  A special thanks to where you can find the full meeting plus hundreds of other MTC and ABAG meetings.

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