Monday, May 11, 2015

Welcome to your New Family Home at Wonderful Marinwood Village!

The Toxic Avenger from the film The Toxic Avenger
For years and years, it is alleged that the dry cleaner who leased at Marinwood Plaza, dumped toxic waste down his drain and over the fence behind his store.   The Marinwood Plaza site is now contaminated at unacceptable levels according to state laws.  Although some mitigation measures have taken place the toxic waste site is far from clean. According to State regulators the damage is much greater than previously reported.

The "brownfield" contaminated site now extends under the freeway on ramp and clear across to the east side next to the Silveira ranch.  To properly clean the site,  hundreds of cubic yards of soil will need to be cleaned, replaced and sealed to prevent further environmental damage and to make it safe for human habitation. The containment is PCE which breaks down into multiple toxic compounds. It is now illegal for use in California.

The site is also home to two high power microwave transmission towers
on the southeast corner of the property. 

Microwaves are also a known health hazard

All hidden behind a 16 foot soundwall barrier that will reduce traffic noise
but still subject inhabitants to roadway pollutants.

Would you choose to move your family to Marinwood Village?

We MUST insist that Bridge Housing do a full Environmental Review and treat toxic waste to the highest levels of safety.  We will not allow a "negative declaration" to avoid rigorous review.

If you care about the community, you will care about the health of the residents, the quality of Dixie schools and the financial integrity of the Marinwood Village proposal
Speak up for your rights and your community!

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