Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mosquito District Vote Rejected. Bloodsuckers Lose. Government Officials/ Marin IJ gets the will of the people wrong AGAIN.

The Marin IJ reports that the Mosquito Vote passed in today's paper. 
 Unfortunately, the truth is that VOTERS rejected the TAX and the BLOODSUCKERS LOST.  

In defense of the writer, Nels Johnson, it was the editor who selected the wrong story.  As a standard practice in the news business with late breaking stories, two versions of the story were written.  The editor is tasked with choosing the right story.  Unfortunately, this is a "Dewey Defeats Truman" moment for the Marin IJ editor, Robert Sterling. ( I don't know if he was responsible for this call but Mr. Sterling is the editorial director and thus ultimately responsible).  


We all make mistakes and I am sure Mr. Sterling is embarrassed. The news business can be cruel. We appreciate The Marin IJ for all of their efforts to report the stories that no one else will cover.  They are VITAL to our local democracy. Let's continue to support them.


The real news from Mr. Frank Egger:

760,000 people live in the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control District. There were 66,666 votes cast by weight, 31% of eligible votes.. This election was deceptive from the very beginning. I had urged the mosquito board to go in a different direction.

They paid over $500,000 for the whole process, surveys, balloting, legal advice. Public agency lawyers never take responsibility for their bad legal advice. The mosquito district's counsel even took the board into a closed session to give them legal advice and in the closed session I stated it was an illegal meeting under the Brown Act.

The vote on the mosquito board was 17 yes and 2 no (Egger from Fairfax and Paisley from Ross) to move forward with this deceptive ballot process months ago.


The REAL story is not about the Marin IJ gaff but the deceptive election and government officials voting on bond issues WITHOUT a public hearing.   Democracy demands openness.  The people saw through the haze and understood that the REAL reason for this increase taxes was government pensions swallowing budgets.  These are the REAL BLOODSUCKERS that we have to worry about.

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