Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Do you live within the Marinwood Village Toxic Waste Zone of Influence?

The toxic waste from Prosperity Cleaners at Marinwood Plaza continues to spread unabated.  Recent testing on Silveira Ranch indicates a much further penetration into our groundwater supply than previously estimated.  

A cancer hot spot of multiple cases is present in Casa Marinwood.  Although it is highly speculative at this point whether there is a causal relationship,  we now know that the toxic waste has definitely spread and threatens the health of our community.  

Supervisor Susan Adams and Marc Levine have personally intervened to stop the mandatory cleanup order for Marinwood Plaza to allow Bridge Housing to secure financing.  We understand they are now out of the bidding and a new buyer has also dropped out.   

It appears that no one is prepared to take on the responsibility for clean up.  Marinwood Plaza, LLC is the legally responsible party but has successfully delayed full clean up since 2007 when first made public.  We understand that Ms Adams has long had the objective of building housing on the site and capitalizing on the funds available from the EPA for clean up of brownfield sites for affordable housing.   This well meaning effort to delay clean up has imperiled hundreds of Marinwood residents as well as the Silveira Ranch dairy operation.   

Sudden staff changes at the Regional Water Quality Control Board appears to be political manuevers to get approvals on this troubled site.  We sincerely hope that the RWQCB does responsible science and order the immediate clean up for the safety of all.

Will the court action be necessary?   

If you are in the "zone of influence" we recommend that you step forward to add your voice of concerned residents at tommorrows  RWQCB meeting in Oakland. For more information contact savemarinwood@gmail.com

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