Thursday, September 4, 2014

"I'm sorry, your child lost the admission lottery for Dixie Schools"

Over crowded Dixie schools may force a lottery for admission

 Will you lose your right to send you child

to our Dixie Schools?

No one likes to think that their child may have to go to school in another school district.  That may be the only solution when an estimated 60-150 school children or more arrive from Marinwood Village low income housing.

Local taxpayers fund each child upto $10,000 per year. Developer Bridge Housing pays only $10.000 total for parcel taxes for  the entire  40 million dollar apartment complex.  It's 83 units are expected to have an average of up to three children per apartment. 

The cost of educating these children is $600k to $1.5 million dollars.  This means either the local taxpayers will be forced to pay additional school taxes or the classrooms must be even more impacted. 

Currently Dixie school are at capacity with historically high enrollments. Some classrooms have up to 28 students versus the state norm of 18 children.  The addition of more children will surely require temporary classrooms at the very least or possibly build a new school for many millions of dollars.

Another solution suggested was to redraw district lines.  Some people at the edge of the district (perhaps on the East side of 101) will no longer be able to attend Dixie Schools.

It amazes us that politicians and planners have not thought of the impact on our schools  when planning for housing.  They are suggesting that 71% of all affordable housing for unincorporated Marin be located within the Dixie school district. 

If the other five large projects are built, we will have potentially more than a thousand school children in affordable housing to educate.. We taxpayers will be forced to pay for them.

Shouldn't we have a plan for Marinwood-Lucas Valley that protects our schools? Are you surprised that "no one" has considered the costs our community must bear?

If you child cannot attend our Dixie Schools, will the politicians, planners and "neighborhood leaders" that support Marinwood Village say "I'm sorry"?

The City of Pleasanton discovered affordable housing had 3.1 children per apartment here

Editor's Note: Since publishing this last year, the situation in Marinwood-Lucas Valley has become much worse.  The newest housing element again places 60% of all government subsidized ("workforce") housing to the unincorporated areas of Marin in Marin-Lucas Valley.  In addition, we discovered that the City of San Rafael has also placed an additional 700 units across our border.  ALL of the estimated 1500 units approved will likely be non-profit housing which pay virtually no taxes. ALL are inside the Dixie School District.   Now, the Dixie School distict is asking for a PARCEL tax to pay for the budgeting shortfalls.    Local Taxpayers are being asked to pay for the Board of Supervisor's unfair concentration of  TAX FREE apartments that will eviscerate Dixie School funding.  I urge you to Vote No against this parcel tax this November and find a way to contribute outside the PARCEL TAX levy.  Remember PARCEL TAXES are forever.

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