Friday, May 9, 2014

The Plan for the rest of your Life brought to you by the Central Planners of ABAG and Our local Politicians.

Read the whole Plan Bay Area for the next 25 years HERE

Susan Adams served on ABAG ten years before retiring as Vice President.
She helped shape the plan especially the part about giving
Marinwood-Lucas Valley 70% of the affordable housing
for unincorporated Marin

Judy Arnold, 74, has been in politics 42 years and happily helped create the 101 Highway Priority Development    Area for urbanization that runs from Sausalito to Novato Narrows .  High density Judy.

Steve Kinsey, MTC president, West Marin  District Supervisor, Coastal Commission Supervisor (the list goes on and on)  really doesn't care for public hearings.  He rarely looked up from his desk during the Strawberry PDA meeting in February. He was a big booster of Plan Bay Area and voted "YES" on your behalf. (It was too complicated for mere voters or even members of the general assembly to understand.  Thanks Steve!)

Rumor has it that Kate "no ears" Sears' spectacles rest on prosthesis ears.  She sure didn't hear the people of Strawberry that requested to hold a hearing on the Strawberry PDA 13 times before allowing it to be placed on the BOS agenda.
We will know for sure if she has ears in the next election.  

Katie Rice, former aide to Hal Brown, and now Supervisor is a Marin native.  She says she loves Marin and all the nature and what it represents, yet as one of our ABAG representatives, she voted for Plan Bay Area in August 2013.
She is a gifted writer and thoughtful person but does she have the courage to stand up and protect Marin from overdevelopment and exploitation? (We hope so.) 

The devilishly handsome, nattily dressed and urbane (and highly paid) Brian Crawford has been instrumental in promoting high density affordable housing throughout the county.
Without his help, the Supervisors might have had to listen to the public.

Vote for Toni Shroyer and Damon Connolly JUNE 3rd!

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