Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Marin County Housing Element Show at the Pickleweed Community Center in San Rafael on May 3, 2014

The Community Development Department of Marin County brought their Housing Element roadshow to the Al Boro Pickleweed Community Center in the Canal District in San Rafael.

Less than forty people attended.  About half present were county employees either employed as facilitators or acting as "concerned citizens". About a quarter were paid housing activists, architects, tenant activists and builders who will financially benefit from taxpayer subsidized housing and a few regular citizens concerned about the  over development of Marin.

The event was staged to produce a predetermined outcome while creating the illusion of public participation, utilizing the Delphi Technique.  Participants were not allowed to question the data, the housing locations or the basic underpinnings of their methodology.

The video is just the introductory session and promotional video. The second part of the exercise is when everyone breaks out to small groups were the real manipulation happens.

With an overwhelming presence of housing planners and activists, there is certainty that the outcome will be for an aggressive campaign to build more tax payer subsidized affordable housing. (Wall street bankers and mega corporations purchasing the tax benefits are thrilled by our "generosity")

It is best that you review the Delphi Technique video/article to place the above video in context.

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