Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Operation "Save My Butt". 13 days until Voting Day.

"Those darn IBEW workers!   They sent an attack piece against Damon Connolly for supporting MEA yesterday. You'd think they'd check with me.  I support the MEA too. Now I have to go out in public a sing a little song to keep everyone off my back.   I am used to thinking on my feet though.  Boy, did I ever fool my neighbors about the Marinwood Priority Development Area, I created on August 7, 2007."
"We could have built 1500-4500 housing units if they didn't find out about my plans to urbanize Marin"

At least I passed the Housing Element.

Damon Connolly wants to be our new District One Supervisor. He thinks Marinwood-Lucas Valley got way too much housing and promises to work towards a true community solution.  
Remember to Vote June 3rd!

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