Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Operation "Save my Butt" 12 days to the Election.

Help Friends!!!  Things are getting desperate at my campaign headquarters.  Early polling shows that 80% of the  voters in District One have "no confidence" in my leadership.  The ingrates. These ignorant voters don't appreciate my finer qualities, like..uh..  Anyhow, we are going to change all that.  My new image is the "kinder, gentler, supervisor".  I may even try listening like Damon Connolly.  It won't kill me for a few weeks.

When I get re-elected my first duty will buy a few more of these $370,000 "peacemaker" tanks for our Sheriffs department like the one I bought last year. You never know when Marin may need military force to protect itself from citizens. 

So now that Damon Connolly wants to play "nice guy who listens", I have developed a killer strategy.  I will beat him to a pulp with the singing nun routine. 12 days to go.

Remember to vote by June 3rd.  Damon can't be elected without your vote.

See the story in the Patch about the tank HERE.

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